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PostSubject: Map   Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:37 am

Map of Sky~

Top left island : Byakko
Bottom left island : Suzaku
Top right island : Genbu
Bottom right island : Seiryu


1,10 : Brigandish Blade (Spawned by trading a Curtana to the ??? at (H-12), @1% HP it must be killed with the Buccaneer's Knife, which is stolen from it)
2,9 : Curtana "???" (Obtained from Examining a ??? in the Ve'Lugannon Palace, which spawns in the small rooms in the palace)
3,4,7,8 : Steam Cleaner (Spawns randomly as a summon from one of the Detector mobs underground)
5,6 : Zipacna (Spawns between (E-3) to (K-3))


B : Kirin
E : Faust,Ullikummi,Byakko (for Byakko when you go in keep going right and it will bring you back outside to the portal which takes you to the Byakko "???")
G : Olla Grande,Mother Globe

Water farming/Olla : Yellow > Blue
Mother Globe : Yellow > Blue > Blue
Faust : Blue
Ullikummi : Blue > Yellow
(yellow/blue indicates which doors the portals are behind that lead you to the triggers)

Now don't get lost!
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