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 LS Rules

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PostSubject: LS Rules   LS Rules Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 11:52 am

Run times are Monday, Thursday and Sunday 6:00PM GMT/+1. Depending on daylight savings.

Rules :

1. Listen to the leader at all times. I shouldn’t have to say things more than once. To avoid this members should set Linkshell/Party chat on hold at events. Therefore the only way you can miss what the leader is saying is if you’re blind or afk.

2. If you want items from sky, then please make a wish list or I won’t know what you want and you wont be lotting anything. I don’t know how people can join an LS and automatically think the leader will know what they want.

3. In order to get points at sky you will need to get triggers/kill Gods or contribute towards pop NM events(Hakutaku, Shen etc), with the LS.

4. LS members will be able to lot on pieces of equipment if they have the appropriate job 70+, the leaders approval and enough points for the item. This does not necessarily mean if you have the points for an item you will be lotting.

5. LS funds pay for 50% of cursed, this excludes HQ and free lots.

6. Members MUST also attend atleast 1 triggers run per week to be able to lot an item on the Sunday god runs. If you have a reason you can’t come to weekday events like so many do, then please inform me so I know.

7. If you have the intent of joining this LS, then once you have gotten your items, leaving. Then please DO NOT even bother applying in the first place. I’m sorry, but that attitude really isn’t welcome. People helped you get your items, the least you can do is help them get theirs.

8. If you have a problem with any of the above, then obviously you're not meant for this LS.

How to get points :

Pop NMs are 2 points each time the NM is killed.

If you're at events on time +10 points and if you're late +5 points.

Genbu : 3 points
Spawned using :
- Winterstone ( Olla grande : 4 points [ Ro’Maeve Water : 3 point ] )
- Gem of the North ( Zipacna : 4 points )

Suzaku : 3 points
Spawned using :
- Summerstone ( Faust : 4 points )
- Gem of the South ( Brigandish Blade : 4 points [ Curtana : 2 points ] )

Seiryu : 3 points
Spawned using :
- Springstone ( Mother Globe : 4 points )
- Gem of the East ( Steam Cleaner : 4 points )

Byakko : 3 points
Spawned using :
- Autumnstone ( Ullikummi : 4 points [ Diorite : 3 points ] )
- Gem of the West ( Despot : 4 points )

Kirin : 12 points
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LS Rules
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