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PostSubject: {Princess}   Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:43 am

I just realized i never did one of these... so i wanna be in the loop!

Character Name: Tofury (aka... Tofu, Tofers, Tofurkey, Tof McFury, and n00b)

Nation/Rank: Bastok rank 7!! wooo

Any jobs you have 70+: Monk (WHM comming soon if i stop being lazy!)

Crafts(if any): Goldsmithing 11

Which Zilart mission your are on: 14 \o/

Which CoP mission your are on: the one where u go to the 3 tele port thingys and kill stuff till u go t the top.....

If you know anyone else in the LS(if so, list who): at the time.. Redrocket!!!

Any HNMLS experience you have had(if so, list which LS/LS's you were in): N/A

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I like flowers, long walks on the beach, flamingos, rusty caps, and the barbie girl song. rendeer
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